Holiday Party

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Event Details

Date: December 9th, 2023

Start Time:  6 pm

Location: Medallion Country Club- 5000 Club Dr. Westerville, OH


How can we help?

Mingle Magic

David will mingle with your guests performing magic up close as they enjoy the cocktail hour and appetizers. It is a perfect way to break the ice and have your guests engaged right from the start.


After dinner David will entertain your guests with his comedy magic show. This show is jam-packed with magic, laughter and tons of audience participation. It is the perfect way to get your guests excited about your company and show your appreciation towards them.

Provided by David

  • David Anthony and his show
  • Phone Calls/Meetings as necessary

Provided by Client

  • Location for performance
  • Sounds system with 2 XLR inputs


$ 1,500
  • Comedy Magic

  • Comedy Magic Show

Note: There is never any ethic, religious, or "suggestive" humor in anything David does