Cherokee Nation's

Employee Christmas Proposal

(216) 970-9809

Event Details

Date: December 15, 2024

Start Time: 11 Am

Location: Tahlequah, OK.

How can we help?


One-Man Magic Show

David will entertain your guests with his one-man comedy magic show. This show is jam-packed with magic, laughter and tons of audience participation. It is the perfect way to get your guests excited about your organization and feel appreciated by you! The show length can be tailored to your needs. For an event like yours I suggest a 50 min show.

Comedy Hypnosis Show

David Invites 20-25 volunteers up on stage and within minutes they are placed in a hypnotic trance. Then the fun begins! This show is jam-packed with comedy and your employees become the stars of the show! The show length can be customized. For an event like yours, I suggest a 60 min. show.


Customized Video

David will record a customized video that can be sent out to your employees to get them excited about your event. This is a great way to set this event apart from a "normal" work get together. The video will include magic and a message of how excited we all are. Or if you prefer David will create a video that can be sent out to your employees after the event. This video includes magic and a message of how much we are appreciate what they do for your organization.

Provided by David

  • David Anthony and his show
  • Customized Video
  • Phone Calls/Meetings as necessary

Provided by Client

  • Location for performance
  • Stage or platform with electricity in performance area
  • Appropriate sound system with technical needs for the show
  • Hotel Room the day before the event


$ 4,500 +Hotel and Travel (Airfare)
  • Customized Video
  • Mingle Magic
  • Comedy Magic Show

Note: There is never any ethic, religious, or "suggestive" humor in anything David does