Alliant Bank Proposal

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Event Details

Date: December 7th, 2024

Start Time: TBD 

Location: Madison, Missouri

How can we help?

Mingle Magic

The night begins with David Anthony performing some mingle magic during your cocktail hour. David will perform for small groups as they start to gather and enjoy their drinks and appetizers. This is the perfect ice breaker for the event. It is a great way to connect your employees and guests together in a fun way.

Comedy Hypnosis Show

Following dinner the fun continues. Imagine the person that was sitting next to you just a few minutes ago is now up on stage and can’t remember their own name or better yet on the stage claiming that their belly button was stolen! This is just the beginning of what to expect. David will invite anyone who wants to get hypnotized on stage. In just a few moments, the volunteers fall into a hypnotic trance. It's fun like no other mainly because your guests become the STARS of the show!


Customized Video

David will record a customized video that can be sent out to your guests and employees after the event. This video includes magic and a message of how much we are appreciate what they do for your company. David will work closely with you and your team to develop a message that fits your needs. It is the perfect follow up. This video can also be customized to be sent out before the event to build excitement.



$ 3,500
  • Customized Video
  • Comedy Hypnosis Show

Note: There is never any ethic, religious, or "suggestive" humor in anything David does